3-D Word Projects 

     Each marking period, the students must complete a 3-D Word Project for reading class.  These projects are displayed on a special bulletin board in their reading classroom.  The projects are done to help the students learn the meanings of many new words that they wouldn't encounter in the novels we read together in class.  This is how the 3-D Word Projects are created.  First, the students find a word in a story they are reading on their own.  (The word must be found in a novel.)  Then the students must bring the book to Mrs. Mickonis and show her the word in the context of the story. 

      Once their word is approved by Mrs. Mickonis, they start their project by putting the word prominently on a piece of paper (large enough that everyone in the room will be able to read it from their seats).  Next they add the defintion of the word to their project.  Then they use the word in an original sentence that shows the class what the word means.  Finally they draw a picture that represents their original sentence and they tape or glue some 3-dimensional objects to their picture that make the meaning of the word obvious. 

The following are examples of the excellent 3-D Word Projects submitted by the fourth grade students at St. Clair Elementary/Middle School in the past.  Choose the project you want to view and click on the pencilpoint in front of the word.  The name in parentheses following the word is the student who submitted the project.

   biology (C. Bracey)    cauldron (C. Lichvar)    competition (S. Meehan)
correspondence (J Haslam)     debris (T. Paltanavage)    dismal (M. Reed)
  fragrant (T. Brish)    midsection (C. Kroznuski)    nibble (R. Carl)


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